[26 February 2012]

Wings - Wing
Finished riveting bottom skins!
3 Hours

I had a mammoth day on the project today! Not my longest in terms of time but definitely the most in terms of visible progress. At the start of the day I had about 75% of the left wing bottom inboard skin riveted so I finished that up. I also squeezed the rivets on the inboard ribs on both wings. Then I just kept motoring and powered right through the left wing's bottom outboard skin. I managed to get them all completely riveted!

Here's a shot of the bottom of the completed left wing skins.

And the bottom of the right wing.

And a trippy shot of the tops of both.

And finally, just to prove I'm the one actually building this thing here's one with me in it.

All that's left to do is install the inspection panels and associated nutplates (the six holes in the bottom skins), then make the aileron control tubes, then mount the ailerons and the flaps. Finally looks like the wings are starting to get wrapped up!

Last Update: 25 May 2012