[29 February 2012]

Wings - Wing
Worked on aileron control rods
4 Hours

This is actually a conglomeration of two days of work but I just lumped it all into one entry. Now that all the skins are on and the flaps and ailerons are constructed, I need to start mounting them. Before they get mounted, however, the instructions call for you to make the pushrods that connect the stick to the ailerons.

These are pretty simple, just tubes with bearings on each end, but they have taken longer to make than I thought they would. There is a small tube and a big tube for each wing. The small ones get cut to exactly 23 13/16" as seen in the photo below.

Then there are these plug like things that go in the ends that have a threaded tip that the bearing end screws onto. They are supposed to just fit right in but of course they didn't. I needed to take off a little material so I got the Dremel out with a grinding drum thing on it and took off a little material from the inside of the tube. They go in now but are still very snug.

Next I drilled the holes for the rivets that attach them. You use really long rivets that go all the way through the tube so I just tried to drill straight through the tube. Easier said than done because it's steel and it's round... Anyway, I got them through and rivets will go through without interfering with each other. After drilling them, I primed them and let them dry.

While the small tubes were drying, I moved onto making the big tubes. They got cut to exactly 69 3/16" and then drilled the tips to the ends in six places. These get blind rivets so I didn't drill all the way through, I just made six individual holes. I then primed these bad boys inside and out and left them to dry.

I moved back to the small tubes and went on to riveting them. They take -12 length rivets which are extremely long. I used my squeezer to set them and some kind of leaned over and look pretty ugly. Normally if this happens, I drill it out and try again but in this particular situation, the rivets only have sheer force on them and the shop head will have no force applied to it ever so I just left them because although hideous, they will work perfectly in this particular circumstance. Then I painted the ends of the tubes glossy white where I got primer on them and scuffed them when drilling.

Last Update: 25 May 2012