[7 March 2012]

Wings - Wing
Attached right flap
1.5 Hours

Made some good progress today! After letting the flap sit out in the garage just clamped in place all night, I came out today and re-looked at the plans and parts and then remeasured to be sure everything was just peachy. It was, as shown by the gap between the flap and aileron here still poised at exactly 1/4".

With nothing left to do, I gingerly started drilling through the holes in the skin into the hinge. You can't press too hard at all because there is no way to clamp down the hinge except on the very ends of the flap so the middle is all loose and push-awayable. This made the drilling go a little slower than usual but it all worked out pretty well just by clecoing each hole that I drilled.

After the drilling, the hinge pin came out of the hinge, the flap came off the wing, and the half of the hinge that gets attached to the wing came off for deburring. When that was done, it went right back on the wing and was riveted on. These rivets were all very easy to get with the squeezer except they were awkwardly high, about shoulder height which made working the squeezer a tad unwieldy but I got it done.

Also while the flap was off and the hinge wasn't yet riveted, I took off two eyelets from wing side of the hinge and one from the flap side. This way, I can cut the pin into two pieces and slide them in from this point in the middle of the flap rather than having to take the aileron off if I want to get the flap off in the future.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how the flap turned out. The gap between the aileron is pegged at exactly 1/4". The only qualm is that the trailing edge of the flap drooped a tiny bit when drilling/riveting it (or the aileron trailing edge grew...) so the trailing edges are misaligned by approximately 1/32". It's noticeable if you are looking for it and staring right at it but other than that I'd say it's perfectly good to go. I mean really, go look at long 1/32" is on a ruler and you'll see it's really insignificant.

Last Update: 25 May 2012