[11 March 2012]

Wings - Wing
Finished wings!
3.5 Hours

Even though I finished mounting the flaps the other day, I still needed to give some attention to the hinge pins. I removed three eyelets in the middle of the flap hinge so that the pins can be put in and removed without taking off the aileron (that was the other option outlined in the plans). I cut the 6 foot long pins in half and then bent them to follow the contour of flap brace and trimmed them to final length. I had to cut them with the Dremel cutoff wheel as these piano wire hinge pins are tough cookies!

Then I moved onto installing the nutplates for the access hole covers. This was nothing special, just drill, debur, dimple, and rivet the nutplates on.

Then, nothing left to do but screw on the access hole covers.

The only thing left to do on the wings (besides pitot, wiring, and wingtips which will all wait till much later in the project) is to bolt in the long pushrods that go from the aileron bell-cranks, down the wing, and then into the fuselage. I'm am probably going to wait on putting these bad boys in though because they hang out of the root end of the wing by about a foot and are perfect for snagging on something and getting damaged during my move to Maryland here in about two weeks.

With all that being said, I am declaring the wings done, finished, finito!

Last Update: 25 May 2012